4 Fishing Hacks to Organize Your Fishing Gear

Fishing is great. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t like to fish. The more you fish, the more equipment you acquire over the years. Hooks get tossed in the tackle box with all sizes getting mixed together, treble hooks get caught in o-rings, lures get caught in boat carpeting… Continue reading »

Recipes for Homemade Boilies for Carp and Catfish Fishing

Recipe for Simple Homemade Boilies 3oz. Milk Powder 4oz. Wheat Germ 2oz. Fish Meal 3 Large Eggs 3-4 Drops Vanilla Extract Combine Dry ingredients thoroughly in a medium bowl. Beat eggs and vanilla extract in a separate bowl. Slowly combine dry mixture into the wet ingredients until it reaches a play dough like consistency. Roll… Continue reading »

Compare Boat Insurance Needs

Coming from a long line of boaters, there has always been a debate over boat insurance. While it is not required by any state to have insurance on your boat, it can still be a valuable practice. A boat is an asset. In some cases, a very valuable asset. You need to make sure you… Continue reading »