Bass Basics Information

Largemouth Bass Information

Largemouth-bassThe largemouth bass can easily be identified by its oversized mouth. The typical coloration of a large mouth bass is mainly olive green with a white or light underbelly. They typically also have a black stripe of varying size running horizontally along each side. A largemouth bass also has nearly separated dorsal fins.


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Smallmouth Bass Information

Smallmouth_bass (1)The smallmouth bass is identified by its body’s brown coloration and typical adornment of vertical splotchy black stripes. Physically they sport a much smaller mouth than their large mouthed cousins and they have connected dorsal fins.



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Both largemouth and smallmouth bass are aggressive in nature. They will actively go after baits, often striking repetitively until they get catch their target. Bass are more intelligent than most lake fish and will demonstrate this by avoiding lures which are used repetitively.


Most of the year smallmouth and largemouth bass prefer to stay in an area of the lake with cover such as lily pads, weed beds, down stumps and underground structures. During winter months, bass will reside at deeper waters where the water is actually warmer.

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Author: Brian Ward