5 Killer Carp Bait Recipes

Carp bait recipies
Carp Bait Recipes

5 Killer Carp Bait Recipes

If you are looking to get into carp fishing, knowing what to fish with is key. In many ways, carp bait is very similar to catfish bait, but carp prefer sweeter baits. This is because carp originated eating fallen fruit in Asia. There are five simple carp bait recipes that I have used to catch some big carp!


Wheaties Carp Bait Mix

Out of all of the carp bait recipes, this has proven to be the most effective.

1 Cup Wheaties Cereal

1 Cup Flour

2 Tablespoons Sugar

Hot water

Crunch up the cereal and mix it in with the flour and sugar. Slowly add hot water as you mix the dough by hand. You are going to add water until you get a firm, but fairly pliable consistence similar to playdough.

Peanut Butter Carp Bait Sandwiches

4 Slices of Bread

½ Cup of Peanut Butter

½ Cup of Bird Seed

¼ Cup of Water

Make two peanut butter sandwiches using the bread and peanut butter. In a bowl add the bird seed and smush the sandwiches in by hand. It works best to squeeze the sandwiches through your fingers. Add the water in slowly. As you continue to mix the bread will absorb the water and reach the desired consistency.

Jello Bread Carp Bait

1 Package Strawberry Jello

4 Slices of Bread

½ Cup of Flour

Warm Water

Dissolve Jello mix in ¼ cup of warm water. Break up your bread and mix it with the flour. Slowly add your jello water in mixing as you go. Add more warm water to your mix until you reach a playdough like consistency.

Keep in mind that there are many carp bait recipes that you can add jello to in-order to make them more appealing to a carp’s sweet tooth!

Cornbread Carp Bait

1 Box Jiffy Sweet Cornbread Mix

1 Can of Cream Corn

2 Slices of Bread

Break up bread and mix all ingredients together by hand. You may need to let the mixture sit for a few minutes to let the cornbread mix absorb the moisture from the cream corn.

Kool-Aid Quick Grits Carp Bait

2 Cups Quick Grits

1 Cup Instant Grits

½ Envelope of Kool-Aid

Warm water

Mix in grits and Kool-Aid until the Kool-Aid is distributed through the grits. Slowly add warm water as you knead the mixture. Continue this process until you have a playdough like consistency.

I hope you give these killer carp bait recipes a try and you have as much luck with them as I have!

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Author: Brian Ward

Apr 7, 2013

4 thoughts on “5 Killer Carp Bait Recipes”

  1. Amazing bait ideas, the carp over here in the UK are a bit fussier with their posh boiles, hemp, pellets and dog biscuits etc but I always find that either spam meat and sweetcorn are the best bait for carp.

  2. I am getting into using boilies. They seem to be pretty effective here in the states, too! I do have to say, sweet corn seems to be a preferred bait by most.

  3. Where im from our carp both grass and normal eat almost anything i can go out and catch a 6-10kg carp with a single piece of plein corn(from south africa)

  4. I have tried many time sweetcorn, but no got positive result. I also tested many product available in world market but praise is enough and practical work/result is beyond self praise. Bread is the best as compared to these products.

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