Great Lakes Fishing

The Great Lakes offer a wide variety of fishing opportunities, be it from a boat with an experienced charter captain or from one of the thousands of piers and break walls. Each lake offers its own flavor of freshwater fishing. Explore the lake and see what tickles your fancy.

Lake Superior

Lake Fishing Techniques, Lake Fishing Tips, Take Fishing Tricks As the largest of the five lakes, Superior offers a variety of fishing conditions and has access from the U.S. and Canada. The colder water of Lake Superior is ideal for salmon, trout, and walleye fishing. If you are fishing from shore, you have a good chance of catching walleye or small mouth bass. They tend to prefer the shallower waters until the water temperature starts to rise, then they will make their way to colder deeper waters. If you are planning to fish from a boat, you may want to consider going out with an experienced charter captain if Lake Superior is not your home territory. The size of the lake can make your options a bit daunting, but finding the perfect spot for coho will make the trip worth it!

Lake Michigan

Lake Fishing Techniques, Lake Fishing Tips, Take Fishing Tricks Lake Michigan is a great lake for shore fishing! Since the areas around Lake Michigan are more populated and industrialized, there are many public access piers, break walls and harbors to take advantage of. During the summer, you can expect to find perch and smallmouth bass near shore; with salmon, coho and brown trout making their way in closer to fall. If you are planning on fishing from a boat, on a calm day, a bass boat is sufficient for hugging with in a half-mile of the shoreline. It you would like to go out deeper, a 28’ and up is recommended. There are many charters available all along Lake Michigan and they are recommended for you to get the most out of your Great Lakes fishing experience.

Lake Huron

Lake Fishing Techniques, Lake Fishing Tips, Take Fishing Tricks Lake Huron offers a vast amount of fishing option with its many bays and channels. In the more shallow bays, you can expect to come across hearty lake perch, amongst other species. Carp fishing has also grown in popularity on Lake Huron; while they are not tasty fish, they put up a good fight. Over the years, it has become a destination for fly fisherman trying to capitalize on the impressive verities of trout.


Lake Erie

Lake Fishing Techniques, Lake Fishing Tips, Take Fishing Tricks Lake Erie has become know for its large amounts of perch, walleye and smallmouth bass. It actually has been know as the walleye capitol of the world since the 80’s. During spawn season, shore fishing is ideal on the Michigan side of the lake. However, most fishermen prefer trolling in deeper water around the channels and basins during the summer seasons. Do to the large amounts of industries around Lake Erie, populations have boomed and so has the charter industry. Take advantage of the competition and shop around before selecting a charter, because prices can very drastically by going five miles down the road.

Lake Ontario

Lake Fishing Techniques, Lake Fishing Tips, Take Fishing Tricks The smallest of the Great Lakes, Lake Ontario is known for its salmon and trout fishing, but don’t discount the massive pike and musky that lurk in their waters. The many bays in the Northeast section of the lake are ideal for shore fishing and suitable for smaller boats. This area is rich in trout, salmon, walleye, bass and perch. A charter is recommended to take you out in the deeper waters if you are interested in tying onto record breaking musky and pike. The shores of Lake Ontario are lined with fishing charters and fishing resorts, see which option suits you the best.

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