Lake Fishing Techniques for Steelhead

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Steelhead are strong, very systematic fish. Their internal clocks make it easier for anglers to know what to use and when to use it. This page discusses some of the most effective lake fishing techniques for steelhead. Use some of these lake fishing tips and have a great time catching some steelhead.


  • 8’6”-9’6” Medium Light Action Rod
  • 8-12 lb. test line
  • Medium Spinning Reel


Steelhead spend the spring months in the Great Lakes. They then migrate into connecting rivers and creeks in late summer to spawn; returning to the lakes at the end of winter.

 Steelhead Shrimp Fishing Techniques

To rig your line for steelhead fishing you are going to start by attaching slip bobber to a depth of 6’-8’. Connect a medium size J-hook to the end of your line. About a foot above that, attach a medium split shot sinker. Bait your hook with shrimp. Cast out your line and let it set until a steelhead takes your bait and your bobber goes down. This is an ideal time to cast for steelhead.

Steelhead Shrimp Fishing Tip: Steelhead can be light biters so you will want to pay extra attention to unusual movement from the bobber.

 Steelhead Mepps Spinner Fishing Technique

One of the most common lake fishing techniques for steelhead fishing is casting and retrieving and artificial bait. The ideal location for this technique is by a structure or warm water discharge.  Cast and retrieve your mepps spinner along the structure that you have located. The key is to begin retrieving as soon as your lure has hit the water. Keep the lure coming in at a steady pace. To increase action, you are encouraged to twitch your line as your reel in.

Steelhead Spawn Sack Fishing Technique

When steelhead begin to move to the rivers and creeks, you must adjust your tactics. The rig you are going to use consists of a steelhead bobber set 18”-24” from a small colored J-hook at the end of your line. About 6” from your hook you will want to attach a small split shot sinker just to keep the bait riding the water’s floor. You will slide a spawn sack over your hook, which you can get pre-made at many bait shops or you can make yourself. The key is to cast upstream and let the current take the spawn sack down stream.

Steelhead Spawn Sack Fishing Tip: Because the spawn sack will be skimming the bottom of the creek or river, cast your line in a manner to try to avoid downed trees, stumps and shelves.

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