How to Make Homemade Stink Bait for Catfish

By   June 21, 2014

T183857417_67084fe59f_mhere are some childhood memories that just stick with a person. The first time you see a bass hit a buzzbait; seeing the prehistoric look of a needle-nose gar…and the penetrating smell of homemade stink bait.

For those of you who have not encountered homemade stink bait, when made properly, the smell is putrid and penetrating. It is a smell nightmares are made of for humans, but catfish go crazy over the smelly sludge.

If you are looking to try out using stink bait for catfishing for the first time, I recommend getting a jar or pail of the pre-made mix. It is much easier to use, isn’t nearly as time consuming and the smell is usually a bit more bearable. However, if you are familiar with the stuff, you may want to give making your own stink bait a try.

Before you begin to make homemade stink bait for catfishing, there are a few basic principles you need to know. First of all, at all points in the process, make sure you store your stink bait in a place that it will not get knocked over or that children, cats, dogs or raccoons can get to. Second, make sure that the temperature is going to be hot out. Third, always use a larger container than you think you will need. As the contents ferments, it will swell and produce gas, so use a container about four times the size of your contents.  Last of all, warn your family about what you are doing just so there aren’t any rotten meat induced incidents.


Steps to Make Homemade Sink Bait for Catfish

1 lb. Meat- Start with your meat. Take a pound of raw meat, ground or finely chopped meat is preferred. I have found that ground beef combined with chicken livers is an effective combination. The extra juice from the chicken livers makes the mixture extra stinky. Place the meat in a sealable 5 gallon bucket. Set the bucket outside in the heat for 3 days to let the meat spoil.

1 lb. Cheese- After a few days, add a pound of grated cheese or softened (to the point of almost being melted) velveta cheese.

The Extras- All in some of the stinky ingredients catfish like. Some of my favorite additives are garlic, smoked oysters, or animal blood.

Combine everything into the 5 gallon bucket, mixing it thoroughly. Cover the bucket and place it back in the sun. Stir it every day for a week or two. Once you notice the pressure only increasing slightly everyday, ladle the mix into half filled mason jars. Store until you are ready to use or keep it to give out as a Christmas present!

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Author: Brian Ward

June 21, 2014


3 Comments on “How to Make Homemade Stink Bait for Catfish

  1. Dale Shoopman

    Why not just use some road kill. Smells just as bad, and not near the trouble to make?

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