Ideal Lakes for Northern Pike Fishing

By   July 19, 2013

IG Ideal Lakes for Northern Pike FishingFishing for northern pike can be a rush, but finding them can be a challenge at times. Here are a few lakes that are perfect for northern pike fishing.

Minnesota’s Rainy Lake

Rainy Lake is a whopper of a lake with northern pike to match. It is ranked the third largest lake in the land of ten-thousand lakes, ideal for northern pike fishing. Not only does it have space for the predatory fish to grow, it also has plenty of small islands and inlets for them to hide and feed. Because of its large size and abundant fish, Rainy Lake has many fishing resorts and fishing charters located directly on the lake, making it an ideal location for a fishing trip or first time northern learning experience.

The lake is fed by the Rainy River, which forms the border between Minnesota and Canada in that area. This long and winding river connects Rainy Lake with the also popular Lake of the Woods.

Rainy Lake is located in the northern part of Minnesota, making it one of the locations where northern pike thrive naturally, as opposed to many locations throughout the U.S. where northern pike have an artificially introduced.

Wisconsin’s Lake Delavan

Lake Delavan is a good fishing spot all around, but their northern pike population stands out as some of the best Wisconsin has to offer. The lake is at a convenient location for many anglers. Situated at the south east corner of Wisconsin, it is within reasonable driving distance from Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. Because of its proximity to Chicago, the area can have a tourist feel to it, however, it is very well kept and not over crowded. This has made it an ideal lake for charter captains to situate themselves, providing a bit of extra support for the novice fisherman and convenience for the experienced.

Lake Delavan is not the largest lake in Wisconsin, but its 2,000 acres offers a large variety of habitats. Northern thrive in the lake’s clear water and feed in the cover provided by the Wisconsin wilderness.

Michigan’s Hamlin Lake

Hamlin Lake is a crystal clear sprawling lake that is fed from Lake Michigan via the Sable River. The unique topography of Hamlin provides many coves and weed beds for bait fish to gather, making it a great spot for northern pike fishing. This turns these weed beds into a summer buffet for northern pike. However, with that said, Hamlin Lake is most known for its ice fishing for northern pike. Their winter tournaments are recognized as some of the most competitive in the area.

The area Hamlin Lake is in can, once again, have a tourist feel to it, but that makes lodging convenient. It also makes it an ideal location for a family trip with northern pike fishing incorporated.

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