Get Hooked on the Buzzbait

By   April 4, 2013

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Buzzbait Lake Fishing Techniques for Bass

It is a calm day, only a few ripples in the water, nature humming in the air and the distinctive sound of your buzzbait coming across the water. Then you see the wake and hear the whooshing as a largemouth bass strikes. There is no better sight when I am fishing than a bass striking a buzzbait. Luckily, the buzz bait is a darn good lure so it happens a bit more often. There are a few buzzbait naysayers out there, but if you haven’t already, you are going to find out why the buzzbait is a must have go-to lure.

Continual Movement

One of the reasons the buzzbait is my favorite lure is because to use it you have to be continually moving. The key to effectively using a buzzbait is to start retrieval as soon as it hits the water. If you don’t, your lure is going down and you have lost all of the zeal. When you cast out, pull you rod tip up a bit and start reeling in. By lifting your rod, you are getting out that extra slack in your line from your cast. I usually reel a bit faster right off the bat to make sure the buzzbait is staying up.

As you reel in you can vary your speed a bit, but don’t let it go below the surface; one stop and it is going under. Continual movement is key! This is very important to remember when you get a strike. If the bass hits short, don’t stop reeling. Keep your retrieval at a steady pace, they will go after it again.

Once you work with the buzzbait a little while, you will get into a rhythm. The quick retrieval of the buzzbait allows you to work the pockets much harder than you can with most other lures. The movement becomes very methodical and keeps you active throughout the process. A few shy away from the buzzbait because of the physical demands, but in the words of my 79 year old grandma, “Suck it up and cast with your wrist.”

Fishing Conditions

Many anglers see the buzzbait as their fair weather friend. I’m not one of those people. The buzzbait can actually be an efficient lure in many situations. Ideally, you want to use the buzzbait when the wind is calm, surface weeds are low, and you are fishing the shoreline. This is honestly when it is going to be the most effective. However, I have found that just because it is a bit windy, that is no reason to shy away from its use. When using a buzzbait when there is wind you need to adjust a few things. If you are casting into the wind, you are going to need to adjust the amount of force you use in your cast. Because it is a heavy lure and the skirt catches the wind, you are going to need to cast lighter. Of you are casting into the wind, you are going to have more slack in your line. Start reeling before your bait even touches the water; ensuring that the buzzbait does not sink under the surface while you are trying to catch up.

If the wind picks up and you aren’t hearing the buzzing sound, the bass probably aren’t either. This is a great time to switch over to the double bladed buzzbaits. The duel blades steady the bait more and help ensure you get proper noise the draw the fish.

Skirt Colors

My standby is white. I have continually caught more bass on white in every season than any other color. Now I have to say because of this, I use it more than any other color. But for those who don’t want to just stick with white. Typical bass colors apply. When the water clear use more natural colors greens, reds, and yellows.  The combination of these with black and white is also very common and effective. When the water is murkier go with your brighter chartreuses, hot pink, or lime skirts. Each lake will be different and you need to see what works best for your lake…and when in doubt go with white.

There really is no bigger thrill than bass fishing with a buzzbait. Throw it in your tackle box and give it whirl!

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Author: Brian Ward

Apr 4, 2013

3 Comments on “Get Hooked on the Buzzbait

  1. rakesh

    Sir, I have a question. Can I use buzzbait everytine and anywhere ? In my place no one uses such lures, they only use earhworms and flour. I was thinking of trying to use buzzbait and catch more fish than them. My quest is, Can I?

    1. admin Post author

      Not quite anytime, anywhere, but if you have a calm day to fish in an area with low or no surface weeds…Give it a try! Best of luck!

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