Fishing Tips to Catch Bigger Bass

By   June 7, 2013

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As anglers, we wait in anticipation for the big wake, the big splash, the big bite; but what we really want is the big bass. Every angler has their tale of catching the big one and their method of catching it; however, if you are not interested in their trick of crossing your eyes before you cast or reciting the words to Fishy Fishy in the Brook, you may want to try implementing some of there proven techniques to catch bigger bass bass.

1. Choose the region you fish wisely.

Bass simply just grow bigger in some areas over others. You are going to find some of the biggest bass in the southern part of the U.S. This isn’t saying that a state like Minnesota can’t hold its own, but states such as Alabama, Arkansas and Texas, on average, will have more whoppers compared to their northern counterparts. There is a very practical reason for this; bass grow in warmer water temperatures, usually above 50 degrees. In the south it stays warmer longer or all year round giving the bass a larger amount of time to grow.

2. Do some research on the lake or pond.

The environment within the lake itself can play a large part in the size of bass and the quantity it contains. Often times lakes and ponds will be over stocked, which can be great for catching one fish after another, but if you are looking for the granddaddy of all bass this is not the fishing spot for you. A large quantity of bass just under the size limit can become very aggressive feeders making it difficult to latch on to the larger ones. It is not only bass stocking that warrants a look, also pay attention to what other fish the lake or pond has been stocked with in years past. This will allow you to have a more clear idea of the consistencies in available food supplies leading to a steadily growing bass or one who had heavy competition for its meals.

3. Pick the right time of year.

Bass reach their peek weight at or before spawn season. When spawn season occurs is largely based on what part of the country you are fishing in; however, the time period where the water begins to drift into the mid-60s consistently tends to be the start of pre-spawn season. This is also the time when bass will congregate into shallower water to create their spawn beds. This means that the area of the lake you will need to cover to find these big bass will be greatly reduced.

4. Up your lure size.

If you are on the prowl for a big bass, the size of your lure may make the difference. Once you have found the lure or bait the bass in the lake you selected are hitting on, bump it up a size or two. This may decrease your hits overall, but there is a good chance it will increase the size of the bass which are paying attention to what you are throwing. Many of the Rapala brand lures come in identical colors and designs, but in various sized. When fishing with a rubber work, a reliable adjustment is to switch to a rubber snake.

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Author: Brian Ward

Jun 7, 2013

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