Crappie Fishing Tips

Crappie Fishing Tips, crappie fishing

Crappie Fishing Tips and Techniques

Crappie are a softer meated fish; this makes them great for eating. Don’t let their size fool you, they can still put up a good fight and tend to be more finicky eaters than bluegill. There are a variety of Crappie fishing tips, this page covers a few of those. Please post your own crappie fishing tips and spread the fishing knowledge.


There are a few basics crappie fishing tips you need to know determining the best location to fish. First, crappie spawn in the spring, so they will be more inclined to be closer to shore in spring. This makes docks, shallow weed beds and underwater structures ideal for crappie fishing. Second, crappie are schooling fish, so if you tie onto one there will usually be more in the area. Fish finders are ideal for locating a school of crappie, but if you are trolling and tie into a few circling back should get you closer to your limit.


  • 5’-6’5” Light- to Medium Light Action Rod
  • 4-6 lb. Test Line
  • Small to Medium Spinning Reel


Crappie Flu-flu Jig and Behemoth Fishing Technique

Attach a flu-flu jig to your line and bait the hook on the jig with a behemoth. Set your spring bobber so that your jig will settle about 1’ feet off the bottom of the lake. Since crappie tend to reside near weed beds and other underwater structures, try to position your jig in that vicinity. Set your bobber so that your jig will fall 2’-4” from the bottom of the lake. You will also want to attach a split shot sinker 1’ up from your jig to ensure there is enough weight on your line to keep the jig at the bottom.

       Crappie Fishing Tips for Flu-flu Jig and Behemoth: Crank in your line slightly when fishing spawn beds. The added movement will irritate the crappie causing them to strike more aggressively.

Crappie Minnow Fishing Technique

This is a very simple rig that has proven to be very effective. You start by attaching a slip bobber to your line and a small J-hook on the end. About 1’ up from the hook you will attach a small split shot sinker. Place a small minnow on the J-hook by sliding the barb on the hook through the meat right under the dorsal fin of the minnow. Cast out along the weed line and let the minnow do the rest.

            Crappie Minnow Fishing Tip: Crappie have kind of delicate skin, so when setting the hook be sure not to jerk the hook through their lip, but use enough force to ensure the hook is set.

Crappie Beetle Spin Fishing Technique

There are times when crappie move to deeper weed beds. A beetle spin is a great lure to draw them out of the deep weed beads they are seeking cover in. You are going to attach a beetle spin to your line and cast and retrieve it over the desired area. You can give the lure more action by varying your retrieval speed. This gives the beetle spin the appearance of an injured minnow.

      Crappie Fishing Tips for Beetle Spins: To avoid your beetle spin getting caught in the weed beds, consider attaching a small streamline bobber to your line. This will allow you to control the depth that your beetle spin will reach.

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