Crappie Basics


Black_CrappieCrappie are typically black towards the dorsal fin area of their body, fading into white or peach towards the belly. They are also speckled with amber spots. Some breeds of crappie will also have spots arranged in vertical lines running cross their sides.






When crappie are feeding, they feed hard and heavy. They can be very aggressive biters and routinely anglers will be able to reel one crappie in after another in the right spot. For their size, crappie put up a large fight by thrashing their wide flat bodies.


Crappie can be found along shorelines, predominantly around weed beds and other underwater structures such as down trees and rock coves. Crappie are also attracted to deeper areas with underwater weed beds. They will travel in schools, so if you catch one there may be many more in the area.

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