Lake Fishing Techniques for Catfish and Catfishing Techniques And Tips

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Catfish are very muscular fish that put up a good fight. Since they are bottom feeders, they will eat just about anything. This makes for some good fishing and an opportunity to land a really big cat. Follow some of these lake fishing techniques for catfish and remember these lake fishing tips and you will be reeling a big one in in no time.

Suggested Equipment

  • 7.5’-8’ Medium to Heavy Action Rod or Milk Jugs
  • Medium Spinning Reel
  • 10-15 lb. test line
  • Medium Weight Casting Sinker
  • Medium J Hook


Catfish Dough Ball Catfishng Techniques

To create your own dough ball catfish bait you are going to mix flour and water together until you get a think, pliable consistency about that of Playdough. From there you are going to mix in what will really attract the catfish, the scent additives. This is what will really attract the catfish! The additives can be anything from cheese, garlic or fish guts to ivory soap.

Now the actual lake fishing part: To the end of your line, attach a heavy snap. On the snap attach a medium weight casting sinker and a 1’ lead with a medium size barbed J hook. Mold quarter size dough balls around your J hook. Since catfish are bottom feeders, you are going to cast your rig and let it sink fully to the bottom. Reel in the excess slack in your line and wait for a big one to hit.

  • Catfish Dough Ball Fishing Tip: Once your line is out, let it sit! Frequent casting and reeling will deteriorate your dough ball.


Catfish Chicken Liver Fishing Technique

Chicken liver makes a great catfish bait! You are going to use the same rigging as you would for dough balls; medium casting sinker, 1’ leader, medium barbed J hook. Slip a nice chunk of chicken liver onto the J hook and cast it into deeper water. Let the chicken live sink to the bottom.

  • Catfish Chicken Liver Fishing Tips: Catfish like to feed at night or towards dusk so make sure you have portable lights.


Catfish Jug Fishing Technique

Jug fishing is the hands off approach to catfishing. An easy and cheap way to start jug fishing is to use empty milk jugs. Be sure to have the lids for your milk jugs, you may want to consider attaching them to the jug with rubber cement. Tie one end of your line to the handle of the jug. Leave about a foot less than the depth of the area you will be fishing in in excess line. For example, if you are fishing in an area that is 5’, you are going to have 4’ of line coming off of your jug. To the free end of the line, tie on a snap with a medium weight sinker and minimum of 6” leader. To the leader attach a medium J hook or large treble with bait. Toss your jugs out no less than 10’ apart from each other.

  • Catfish Jug Fishing Tip: You do not want to set your jugs in high traffic areas or areas with a strong current. Jug fishing is ideal for ponds and small lakes.

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