Catfish Basics


Channel_catfish1Catfish can easily be identified by their smooth slick skin. They are scaleless and have silver, blue-grey or grey rubbery skin. They also have distinctive long whiskers around their mouth and shorter whiskers under their mouths. Catfish have a stiff, narrow dorsal fin and a forked tail fin. Some variations of the catfish will be spotted, while others will not be.






Catfish are laid-back in their feeding habits; however, they have a strong sense of smell so they will actively search out bait if it has a strong odor. Catfish will typically inhale their prey, allowing anglers to hook them securely. They are typically very active once caught and will maneuver their muscular bodies to avoid being caught.


One of the catfish basics is catfish are bottom feeders. The majority of their feeding is done at and after dusk. They prefer the clear water of channels and inland coves where they can feed on crawfish and bait fish.

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