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These articles have lake fishing techniques for Northern pike and Lake fishing tips for Northern pike along with Lake fishing tricks for angles to use. Use these articles to improve your fishing or learn a few new ways to tie into a sleek Northern.

Ice Fishing Tips: Safety and Gear

As the winter months come and your favorite fishing hole freezes over, there is no need to despair. In fact, winter is the perfect opportunity to take on the experience of ice fishing. You will need to learn a few new fishing techniques for ice fishing and prepare a bit differently than you normally would,… Continue reading »

Compare Boat Insurance Needs

Coming from a long line of boaters, there has always been a debate over boat insurance. While it is not required by any state to have insurance on your boat, it can still be a valuable practice. A boat is an asset. In some cases, a very valuable asset. You need to make sure you… Continue reading »

3 Reasons to Take Your Kids Fishing

#1 Spending Quality Time Together The first and foremost reason to take your kids fishing is to spend time with them! Taking time out of a busy schedule (both theirs and yours in many cases) is an ideal way to show your children that you care. On a lake there is no TV, iPod, or… Continue reading »

Tips to Plan a Successful Fishing Trip

Fishing trips can be a great adventure that can create life long memories. With some preparation and research, you will ensure that the memories you make are good ones. Before you trek off aimlessly in search of water, here are a few things to keep in mind. Who will be going on the trip with… Continue reading »

8 Things Fishing has Taught Me to Make Me a Better Person

I have been fishing all of my life, so it is kind of hard to think who I would be without fishing. The person I am today has been largely shaped by the principles I have learned from fishing. My home life, work life and social life all have been positively affected by these things… Continue reading »

Lake Fishing Tricks: Making the Most out of Barometric Pressure Conditions

It is common fishing knowledge that bass and crappie, along with many other types of fish, will bit hard and heavy before a storm. The explanation my grandfather always gave me was that there will not be insects on the surface of the water for bait fish to eat, thus less baitfish for the bass… Continue reading »