Carp Fishing Tips and Techniques

Lake Fishing Techniques for Carp and Carp Fishing Tips

Carp fishing tips

Carp fishing has been popular in the UK for quite some time, but with the growing population of carp in the U.S. many anglers have given carp fishing a go. While this muscular fish is not the best for eating, it puts up a good fight and can be a great for testing out or teaching new fishing techniques. Here are a few lake fishing techniques for carp and some carp fishing tips that will get you well on your way to landing a big, fat, ugly, carp.

Suggested Equipment

  • 7.5’-8’ Medium Heavy Rod
  • 10-15 lb. test line

Carp Corn Fishing Techniques:

A fairly simple corn rig is great for catching carp! All you need is a medium size circle hook, baited with canned or frozen corn. It is best to have this rig on a two foot * leader attached to your main line with a t-swivel. On the free leg of the t-swivel, attach a heavy sinker with a light test line so that it will breakaway if the carp drags it through the weeds. Cast your line along a weed bed, seawall or other structure where carp like to feed. Let your line sink to the bottom and wait for a carp to inhale the bait.

  • Corn Carp Fishing Tips: It is helpful to toss a handful of loose corn around the area of your rig. This will attract carp and encourage them to feed in the area you are casting.

Carp Boilie Bait Fishing Techniques:

Using boilie bait is a very popular method of carp fishing, particularly in the UK. This simple setup can be very effective, because carp crave the large amounts of protein, which most boilies are high in. Simply attach a medium octopus hook with a barb to you line. Thread a section of line through the center of a boilie, leave the excess line looped around the boilie; tie both ends of the remaining line to the eye of the hook, leaving about a half inch of line to allow the boilie to move a bit, but not catch on the hook. At this point, you cast out and wait.

  • Boilie Bait Carp Fishing Tips: Leave your bait in place for a while. It is very tempting to reel in and try a different location, but if you are in a good spot where the wind is pushing feed to your location, be patient!

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