Carp Basics

Common Carp

carpThe common carp can easily be identified by its sucker shaped mouth and barbels or whiskers that run along each side of the mouth. Their heads may appear disproportionately small compared to their large bodies. Its scales can range from dark drown to amber, with the under belly being white or yellow. The carp’s dorsal fin is one solid fin, as opposed to many species of fish which will have two dorsal fins.


Nuisance Fish




Carp can be aggressive feeders and relatively easy to attract. They have a keen sense of sight and can notice variations between chum bait and actual bait. Once they are hooked they will run with the bait and aggressively fight all the way to shore.


Carp congregate near underwater structures such as bridge supports and down trees. In a lake, they can also be found in very shallow water where they have cover from lily pads and weeds. In rivers and streams, carp will stay in bends or underwater shelves where the current is less strong.

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