Bluegill Basics


Bluegill_sunfishBluegill come in a variety of colors. Commonly, bluegill found in North America will have green starting at the dorsal fin fading into light blue towards their belly. Frequently, bluegill will also have green starting at the dorsal fin fading into yellow on the belly with orange under their jaw line. Bluegill of all colors sport a solid black spot on their gill cover, usually inline with their eyes. Most have light vertical lines across their body in black or grey.






Bluegill will aggressively strike in spawn season (spring) when bait is on or near their spawn beds. This is largely do to their protective nature. Other times of year, bluegill are more apt to nibble and peck at their food before


In spring and early summer, bluegill can be found on their spawn beds close to shore. Sticking with Bluegill basics will stick to shallower waters in summer; relying on lily pads, underwater brush and weed coverage for protection. During fall and winter, bluegill will move to deeper waters where temperatures are warmer than the frozen surface.

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Author: Brian Ward