Best Northern Pike Fishing Tips for Spring

By   February 26, 2014

Northern Pike fishing tipsNorthern Pike are known for their affinity towards cooler water. This is why some people are shocked to find out that spring is one of the best times to fish for northerns. The melting ice provides them with more oxygen than the depths where they were residing in the winter, adding a bit more of a flip in their fin.

Use this time of year to catch the most northerns by implementing these Best Northern Pike Fishing Tips for Spring. As always, if you have any tips that you would like to share, please comment at the bottom of the page and share your fishing knowledge.

Best Northern Pike Fishing Tips #1- Peaked Aggression

In spring, northern pike are hyper alert. The bait fish they feed on are plentiful and their natural predatory instincts have kicked into full force. Take advantage of their peaked aggressive state by using lures that both emit sound and give the allusion of an injured minnow. The noise will draw in their attention, while the sporadic movement will make them think you lure is easy prey.

Best Northern Pike Fishing Tips #2- Color Counts

Spring is the time to get out the brightest baits in you fishing arsenal. Northern pike go after chartreuse, lime greens, bright oranges and whites in the spring months. By strategically picking the right color you increase your odds. If you are in an area that looks particularly good for northern fishing, but are getting no reaction; try working the same area with a different color.

Best Northern Pike Fishing Tips #3- Underwater Weeds

Northern Pike prefer deeper water than most pan fish all year around, but spring offers underwater features that particularly appeal to pike: young weed beds. In the spring the underwater weed beds are less dense towards the surface. They provide areas of increased oxygen making them an ideal fishing spot of northern pike.

Best Northern Pike Fishing Tips #4- Explore Your Lake

Being that the weed density is less and the waters are less murky, spring is the perfect time to explore the features and structures of the lake. Use your fishfinder to accurately evaluate potential areas where northern pike will be lurking throughout the year.

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Author: Brian Ward

Feb 26, 2014

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