Best Crappie Fishing Tips for Spring

By   February 26, 2014

Spring Crappie fishing tipsIt seems like the crappie are just as excited for the warmer days of spring to come as most anglers are. The sun is shining, the ice has melted and the crappie are hungry. Who could ask for a better time of year to hit the lake?

To get a jump start on your spring crappie fishing, check out the best crappie tips for spring. As always, if you have any of your own best crappie fishing tips share them in the comments section at the bottom.

Best Crappie Fishing Tips #1- Location, Location, Location

Location is just as important in the underwater real-estate market as it is above ground. In the spring, crappie move closer into shore. The water is getting warmer to where the crappie are more active and starting to come out of their sluggish winter habits.

Underwater shelves are also a great place to catch crappie in the spring before spawn season. They will school right around the area where the drop-off occurs in the deeper waters.

 Best Crappie Fishing Tips #2- Find the Schools

Crappie are schooling fish typically, but in early spring this is even more so true. Remember that if you tie into two or more there is a good chance that there are more crappie just waiting for your bait. Before leaving an area, try working your bait at different depth to take the most advantage of the crappie’s schooling habits.

 Best Crappie Fishing Tips #3- Mix It Up

Since crappie are hitting hard and heavy in the spring, this is the perfect time of year to try different baits and different colors. Experiment with increasing the size of jig to see if maybe you can encourage larger crappie to bite or consider adding a spinner to your favorite jig to see if the extra reflections will get their attention.

By mixing up your bait selection a bit you will have an easier time throughout the year predicting what are the hot colors and which options just fall flat.

Best Crappie Fishing Tips #4- Get Back In There

In early spring you will have the ability to fish many great spots that would otherwise be grown over with thick weeds or lily pads. While there isn’t as much cover for crappie to hide, these are still prime crappie fishing locations. Take advantage of the opportunity and get your boat back into these areas.

Author: Brian Ward

Feb 26, 2014

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