Artificial Baits and Jigs for Bluegill Fishing

By   February 24, 2014

Jigs for Bluegill FishingI like to consider myself a traditionalist when it comes to bluegill fishing. All I really need is a worm, hook, sinker and a bobber, and even the bobber is optional. But over the past year, bluegill fishing on one of the lakes I frequent has been tough. Almost everyone has been going out and working twice as hard the catch half as many fish. That is everyone except for Dean. I asked him one day, “What gives? How are you still catching just as many bluegill?” He chucked with his signature half toothed grin and dangled a little chartreuse jig.

Jigs for Bluegill Fishing

I was kind of surprised by this, because I am used to using very similar jigs for crappie fishing and I haven’t gotten very many bluegills over the years. Truth be told, I hadn’t really considered using jigs for bluegill fishing. He explained that the little bit of a size difference in the jig verses a typical crappie jig makes a big difference. There is also a difference in the way you work it. He explained that he has had the most luck with a 1/32 ounce to a 1/16 ounce jig and the brighter the colors the better.

By working these jigs in and around the same pockets where I would normally let my worm or wax worm sit, I began to catch more and more. It didn’t happen immediately because I had to learn to use a bit more fineness than when I am jig fishing for bass or crappie.

Artificial Baits for Bluegill Fishing

I began experimenting with different types of artificial baits. I found that bug lures do a great job of attracting plump bluegill. The artificial grasshoppers have proven to be the most effective so far in clear shallow waters.

Another benefit to using artificial baits for bluegill fishing is that you keep moving more than typical worm fishing. I have a hard time sitting still when bluegill fishing so the increased movement with jig fishing makes the entire experience more enjoyable.

It might be time for you to take the step into using artificial baits and jigs for bluegill fishing.

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Author: Brian Ward

Feb 24, 2014 

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