4 Fishing Hacks to Organize Your Fishing Gear

By   April 23, 2015

4 Fishing Hacks to Organize GearFishing is great. Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t like to fish. The more you fish, the more equipment you acquire over the years. Hooks get tossed in the tackle box with all sizes getting mixed together, treble hooks get caught in o-rings, lures get caught in boat carpeting and rubber worms get stuck together. With a few little tweaks, these can be issues you no longer have to deal with and you can get back to fishing.

Fishing Hack Magnetic TrayFishing Hack #1- Get a Magnetic Tray

Have you ever changed out your lure while fishing in a boat? For most people this will involve getting out the tackle box, getting out your new lure, taking off your old, trying to find a place for it, putting back the tackle box and putting the new lure on. Or you are like I was and just kept a few frequently used lures out on the deck of the boat, inevitably ending up with a hook caught in the carpet of the boat.

Now, I us a magnetic tray to toss the lures I’m not using in. They usually have some weight to them so the tray stays put and the tray keeps my lures in place. My hooks no longer get caught in the carpet and I don’t have to worry about my excess lures getting tangled together.

Fishing Hack #2- Save Your Tic Tac Containers

In every tackle box I have to have to have a variety of sinkers and extra snaps. The problem is they have a tendency of moving all over the box or spilling. I tried keeping them in the little zip lock bags, but if my fingers are wet or slippery they are just a pain.

Tic Tac containers work great for keeping sinkers and snaps in place and they are easy to open with slippery hands. I prefer them over other types of containers since they fit in the slots of my tackle box.

Fiching Hack ScrunchiesFishing Hack #3- Use “Scrunchies”

If I am taking my car to go fishing, a one piece rod is out of the question. So, I dig out the two piece rods and try to finagle a way to keep both pieces secure. I would normally opt for a rubber band around the top and the bottom of the pieces, but to get them to stay together, it always feels like I’m going to break the tip of the rod off.

I have switched to using scrunchies to hold them together. Scrunchies are the hair ties with a bunch of extra cloth. They are used to hold back long hair because they hold hair securely, but don’t fit as tight which reduces breaking hair. These are the same benefits that come with using them to secure your rods together.

Fishing Hack #4- Safety Pins to the Rescue

When I go bluegill fishing I like to take a variety of hook sizes with my. The issue once again is that the hooks get caught on each other. The worst part is when the barb of a hook will get caught through the eye of another hook. Instead of getting a hook, it ends up looking like I am playing Monkeys in a Barrel.

By slipping a safety pin through the eye of the hooks and clasping the safety pin, your hooks will stay organized.


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  1. Drew

    Great tips! The scrunchies are a great idea, I’m definitely going to be trying that. Thanks for sharing.

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