3 Reasons to Take Your Kids Fishing

By   May 23, 2013

6928012312_a02dcb1fc3#1 Spending Quality Time Together

The first and foremost reason to take your kids fishing is to spend time with them! Taking time out of a busy schedule (both theirs and yours in many cases) is an ideal way to show your children that you care. On a lake there is no TV, iPod, or video games, this allows you to have their one on one attention and focus on each other. During this time you will not only be teaching them a lifelong skill, you will have the opportunity to share family stories, childhood experiences and personal knowledge.

While your kids will be listening to what you are sharing with them, you should be listening to what they are sharing with you. Fishing creates a relaxing stress free environment for your children to discuss what is on their minds and ask questions.

This simple activity will bring you closer together with your family and bring them closer to you. You will find that this will improve your relationship in and out of the boat, because you have added to your list of shared experiences and shared knowledge.

#2 Teaching Them About Nature

Fishing sets up the perfect opportunity to teach your children about nature. It is hard to go fishing and not wonder why fish feed in certain areas or what type of bird is that walking along the shore. Your children will naturally be inquisitive, opening the door for you to explain how everything must work together in order to exist the way it does.

You can ask your children why they think fish bite better in the morning or evening, or why one bait may be more effective than another. The boat is the perfect setting for discussions about the food chain and how it works.

Your children will also see how their decisions can impact the environment. You can ask them what do they think would happen if they left stray line in the water or how fishing would be different if there was water pollution.

#3 Teaching Them Patience

Fishing is not a sport that is always go, go, go. By teaching that in some situations you need to have patience and persistence to accomplish a goal, you children will be better prepared for life. In many ways because of technology and our society, children are being program for results on demand. Fish have not caught on to this mindset. When you take your kids fishing you will teach them that results do not come immediately, but when they come they are worth the effort it took to achieve them.

Many times children will get tired of fishing and just sit in the boat. This is actually fine, because they will have renewed interest when you catch a fish. Point out to them that the fish you caught was meant for them to catch, but you weren’t going to let it get by since they were not casting.

I sincerely hope you consider taking your children fishing. We need another generation of enthusiastic anglers, and you are the key!

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Author: Brian Ward

May 23, 2013


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