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8 Things Fishing has Taught Me to Make Me a Better Person

I have been fishing all of my life, so it is kind of hard to think who I would be without fishing. The person I am today has been largely shaped by the principles I have learned from fishing. My home life, work life and social life all have been positively affected by these things… Continue reading »

The Recipe for Catching Fish: A Hook, a Worm and a Sinker

The Recipe for Catching Fish: A Hook, a Worm and a Sinker If you give a down-home grandma flour, water and lard she can make you ten different things from these three ingredients. She has learned to work with what she has, adapt it to the situation and take pride in what she has make…. Continue reading »

Lake Fishing Tricks: Making the Most out of Barometric Pressure Conditions

It is common fishing knowledge that bass and crappie, along with many other types of fish, will bit hard and heavy before a storm. The explanation my grandfather always gave me was that there will not be insects on the surface of the water for bait fish to eat, thus less baitfish for the bass… Continue reading »